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A firm understanding of how an ice dam is created and behaves is essential to creating an effective solution.

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Anatomy of an Ice Dam

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See thermal images of our ice dam solutions here so you can understand how much more energy efficient SubHydroMelt is than other heat cable based systems.

anatomy of an ice dam

Anatomy of an Ice Dam

We are the one stop shop for addressing ice dams. We have two main products (patent pending) that we can produce in many different configurations. Our Sub product is designed to melt snow from under the roofing material. It allows for easy installation of any type of roofing material over the top. The Sub system come in either The Dyno series, which uses self regulating heat cable as the heat source or the Hydro series, which uses hydronic tubes connected to a boiler to heat the system. The hydronic version is far more efficient than the electric version. Both systems are more effecient than conventional heat cable.

We take the time on EVERY job to help our clients understand where the ice dams will for and how to solve them. This sample report shows how we are able to predict the formation of ice build up and create a custom designed system to solve all ice dam problems.

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Click on this image to learn more about the SubHydroMelt system.

Sol-Ice explains how their SubHydroMelt ™ Hydronic Ice Dam Solution works. Glenn Wright Park City Local explains why he tore off his 3 year old heat cable system and replace it with a Building Integrated Snow Melt System. Joseph Lambert from Xcellence who installed the system talk about how his team used a Navian instant hot water heater to provide the energy efficient heat to this ice dam remedy.

This is part two of the RealGreenWorld Hydronic Ice Dam Solutions Video. This video will teach you how you can save up to 10 times the operational cost of a Heat Cable based snow melt system. No More Ice Dams is a way of life at Sol-Ice. This same Building Integrated snow Melt BISM solution was used on the Montage Deer Valley with the Heat Tape version of our system. Bylin RIM system was the specification product on The Montage the change to SubDynoMelt is saving The Montage over $90,000 a winter. The SubHydroMelt could have saved them over $200,000 per winter.


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