Hydronic Ice Dam Solution Energy Efficient Heat instead of Heat Cable

Hydronic Ice Dam Solution

We have developed the finest hydronic ice dam solution on the market. Sol-Ice understands that ice dams are a huge problem, but the energy costs required to operate electric snowmelt systems can be even more frustrating. Heat Cable, extruded aluminum, the Bylin RIM system and heated mesh systems all use up to 10 times more energy than our SubHydroMelt system.

Learn how our custom “one size fits one” solution can save you a ton of money on your utility bills. Our custom snow management report shows you the areas where your home will develop ice dams and how much energy you will save by using our system. Call 435-565-1423 to find a trained installer in your area!


SubHydroMelt installed under two different roofing material as requested by the architect. This shows how totally flexible and attractive all of our SubMelt products are.

Hydronic Ice Dam Solution Saves You Money

SubHydroMelt is the most efficient hydronic ice dam solution on the market. This system uses heat generated by a boiler, instant hot water unit, solar thermal panels or even Geothermal heat pumps. This system uses 90% less energy than heat cable. As with all our Sub systems, SubHydroMelt is completely concealed, hiding under your roof surface. It does its job of controlling ice dams without adversely affecting the building’s architecture. SubHydroMelt is our most energy efficient and cost effective system.  Completely concealing SubHydroMelt solves many problems seen in competitor’s systems.

Another view of our system keeping ahead of the falling snow.


Design Is Key To SubHydroMelt, Our Hydronic Ice Dam Solution

Builders, homeowners and architects can address ice dam issues without compromising a building’s design. Our competitors’ systems always leave an ugly mark on the building. This can be a zig-zag line of heat cable or having the bottom few feet of the roof covered with a different material such as copper or standing seam roofing. SubHydroMelt has been successfully installed and is proven to work under all roofing materials with the exception of wood shake (they have an Insulating R-Value that reduces heat transfer).  This gives designers the freedom to give the roof almost any appearance they choose.

Protection From the Weather Makes SubHydroMelt the Longest Lasting Hydronic Ice Dam Solution

Completely concealing under the roofing material protects SubHydroMelt from damage caused by weather, snow movement, UV rays and roof maintenance traffic. The roofing material also provides a good surface which helps transfer heat more evenly.

This thermal image is of our ProHydroMelt system installed in 2008 and taken in 2009 notice how even the heat transfer is on our system.


Eco Friendly Is Key to What SubHydroMelt is All About

Our hydronic ice dam solution is the most energy efficient product on the market. It is 8 to 10 times more energy efficient that zig-zag heat cable. In the green age, we are proud to say SubHydroMelt uses no electricity in it’s operation. The system can be powered by natural gas boiler, instant hot water units, solar thermal (using either our SubSolarThermal system or traditional solar thermal panels) or Geothermal heat pumps.


Electric Systems Use Far More Energy Than Hydronic Ice Dam Solutions

By comparison, the amount of electricity needed to power heat cable makes it impossible to be powered by solar energy. It is not uncommon for the electric load heat cable to equal the amount of energy for all other needs in a building. We make SubHydroMelt this efficient by using glycol that is heated by a boiler. The heated glycol travels through the PEX tubing heating the panels, and through Onix ® in the  gutters and downspouts. Our hydronic ice dam solution can easily share a boiler used for driveway, walkway or deck melt. When we use a driveway boiler priority is given to the driveway (walkway or deck). Once the driveway has been cleared the boiler will switch to heating  our hydronic ice dam roof ice melt system. Since it takes 3-6 weeks for an ice dam to form, this short delay does not effect the systems ability to control ice dams.

This is our competitors product take the same day as the other picture. Notice how uneven the heat transfer is on their system.


Hydronic Ice Dam Solutions Can Pay Back Your Investment in Less Than 3 Years

Our SubHydroMelt system can cost less to install than 1500 feet of heat cable if installed with the existing boiler in the home. This means on a project that size the pay back is immediate. Depending on the size of the system we can see the cost difference recovered in 3 years or less. There are not many green products that save 80% in the cost of operation and cost close to, if not less than the cost of the alternative product. This makes our SubHydroMelt the best alternative to resolve your ice dam problems. Contact us to get a free consultation including full roof ice dam analysis and report on how much money you can save.






This Shows How SubHydroMelt and SubDynoMelt Eliminate Ice Dams

Roof Ice Melt System

This Shows How a Competitive Roof Icicle Melt System Only Solves Some of the Problems.

Heat Cable

Heat Cable Manufacuterers Specifications do not solve ice dams because they do not run heat all the way to the ground.

This is a side by side photo of ProDynoMelt and Heat Cable. This was our second install ever and the owner only wanted to deal with his “Worst” areas with our system so he left the Heat Cable installed on the rest of the roof.



Sol-Ice SubHydroMelt UNDER this beautiful Copper Roof

View Sol-Ice Hydronic Ice Dam Jobs in a larger map

Sol-Ice explains how their SubHydroMelt ™ Hydronic Ice Dam Solution works. Glenn Wright Park City Local explains why he tore off his 3 year old heat cable system and replace it with a Building Integrated Snow Melt System. Joseph Lambert from Xcellence who installed the system talk about how his team used a Navian instant hot water heater to provide the energy efficient heat to this ice dam remedy.

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