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There are two ways of using our  Solar Thermal products. SubSolarThermal can generate solar energy under both roofing and siding. CoSoalrThermal goes behind a Solar PV Module (any brand) to produce Solar Thermal energy in the same foot print as the production of Solar PV, this is known as Solar Hybrid but we call it CoSolarGeneration ™. Our Solar Thermal Technologies have all been developed in Utah but production is being developed to take advantage of LEED points by authorizing companies around the country to be able to manufacture with in the 500 mile LEED criteria. Please read the article “Finally Solar for the Rest of Us”

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Solar PV/Solar Thermal Hybrid Technology

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Concealed Solar Thermal Technology Under Roofing

Sol-Ice CoSolarThermal 40 second Video. Learn how this PVT Solar product works

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Concealed Solar Thermal Technology Under Siding

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