BIST, Building Integrated Solar Thermal Roofing

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This report is what The Marriott Fisherman’s Cove St. Thomas, USVI could produce in solar thermal from just the pool house roof.

SubSolarThermal before roof is installed in Prescott Arizona

Our Patent Pending BIST (Building Integrated Solar Thermal) SubSolarThermal System can go under any type of roofing. Wood shakes are a minor exception to this rule, it is possible to put the system under a wood shake but the thermal gain will be blocked by the wood and so heat would not transfer as well as through other materials. We have used this system and the sister snow melt product SubHydroMelt under metal shingles, standing seam, Asphalt shingles, EPDM and TPO. We are working on testing to use the system under Tile and slate. The pictures below may or may not have our system under them but they are all able to have the system installed.

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This house was rated Greenest home in America. Click on link to see the article about this home.

The Area in the front of this home has SubSolarThermal under the siding to help heat the building. This area (About 300 sq ft is equal to 3 large solar radiant panels on the roof.)

The owner of this home opted not to install SubSolarThermal under this curved wall but it is posible to have intalled it. We can get solar gain from any surface facing south leaving design options more open for Architects that want to build green but design well. This picture was taken by Scott Zimmerman click to go to his blog.

This is the mechanical room that controls the heat from SubSolarThermal siding and uses it to heat the home. Click to go to Hilocentric’s web site, they engineered this system.

This commercial office can produce more than 1 million BTU a day, Click on image to see more about SubSolarThermal under Roofing

SubSolarThermal during installation.






























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