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Head Office:
136 Heber Ave, Suite 204
P.O. Box 4424
Park City, Utah 84060

The Story of Sol-Ice:

Everyone loves a good story and our CEO Loves to tell them (sometimes the same ones over and over and over) The story of Sol-Ice is worth reading.

Summer of 1994 was the dawn of a new era in roofing. To Dennis Duce it seemed life was normal and he was only trying to provide for his new wife. Three crucial events collided in his life resulting in an obsession with ice dams, their formation and anatomy.

Dennis had just invested in a Condo at the base of what would soon become the massive Canyons Ski Resort. Shortly after moving into the Condo and starting to remodel it the roofing contractor he was working for refused to pay all of his wages. Never one to sit back and wait for things to happen he started a roof repair company and within weeks the phone began to ring with referrals.

“Duce Roofing How can I help you?”

“I have a leak that comes back every winter and I need some heat cable, do you install heat cable?”

“Yes of course we do!” Dennis said enthusiastically “Let me get your name, phone number and address”

He hung up the phone and immediately called his supplier. “What is heat cable? What does it do? Oh yeah, one last question, do you sell it?”

Read the Rest of the Story…




Dennis N. Duce |CEO/President || 435-565-1278


Dennis N. Duce

Dennis has over 17 years of roofing experience in both sales and installation in Park City, Utah. He has a unique ability to analyze competitive product offerings in terms of features and benefits as well as price points due to the fact that he has worked with all of them. In 2008 he designed, invented and launched Sol-Ice products into the market place. Dennis is best described as a high energy, dynamic and creative individual.  He has defined the vision and corporate culture of Sol-Ice so that it can thrive in an ever changing market. His vision for Sol-Ice is to make it a dominant force in the up and coming Building Integrated Solar world. With both Building Integrated Solar Thermal (BIST) and Building Integrated Snow Melt (BISM) products already in the market place his vision is well on it’s way to being realized. In what spare time he gets (He has a hard time with Give 77.7% and Play Smart Work Harder) he enjoys skiing at Deer Valley, Sailing in the Great Salt Lake, Creating Recycled Copper Art (Check out his Eco Artist web site) and his new found passion editing videos for fun, Sol-Ice and RealGreenWorld.



Gina D. Hovde | CFO | | 435-565-1423

Gina D. Hovde

Gina D. Hovde

Gina contributes 28 years of solid business experience to the Sol-Ice team.  Having owned and operated a successful metal finishing plant for 12 years, she was able to develop that business and provide quality finishing of electronic components and dental equipment.  After selling the business, she started an outpatient hospital for treatment of severe lung diseases.  At the same time, she opened a sleep diagnostic center for diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.  Both businesses were highly profitable, and she soon sold them to move to the Caribbean and build a hotel and restaurant on the beach on the Island of Dominica.  She believes deeply in the Sol-Ice product, and is excited to be able to share her talents with the Sol-Ice team.  She shares a zeal for helping to make this environment clean and green.

In her free time Gina enjoys scuba diving in the Caribbean sea, surfing off the Atlantic Coast,  and taking walks on her beach with her dogs.


Christopher J. Piper| COO and VP Business Development | | 435-659-8994

Christopher J. Piper

As Director of Vertical Construction on the Montage Deer Valley Chris was known as a decisive leader, persuasive communicator and creative problem solver with proven ability to manage project teams including the owner, architect, designers, contractors, vendors and municipal officials. His years of experience in real estate development have given him a solid background in construction methods, materials and systems along with vast experience in contracts, engineering, producing construction documents and specifications. This broad knowledge of the construction and development industry become the backbone of his daily efforts to keep Sol-Ice moving towards our goals in a unified and organized way.

Chris has a love of back country steep and deep skiing, surfing, cars and Van Halen (With David Lee Roth not Sammie). He love to travel and rides his motorcycle from Salt Lake City to Syracuse New York every summer.

Mical K. Bracken | Leed Apreator | | 801-803-2772
Mical K. Bracken

Mical K. Bracken

Mical has not provided me with a bio so I am taking this out of an email to give you an idea of who he is. Dennis N. Duce

“I have a B.S. in Architectural Studies and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Utah. I currently own my own small residential design firm in Salt Lake City and I am in the process of taking my Architect licensing exams.
“I have extensive experience with AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop. I am also familiar with a number of other programs, including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Google SketchUp, Carrara, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.
“Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you.”
Mical is an avid hunter and loves spending time on his parents ranch in Southern Utah close to Saint George.


Chandler Smith | Assistant Apreator | csmith@sol-ice.coml | 435-565-14

Chandler Smith

Chandler Smith

From a young age I have always been curious of the world around me trying to figure out how things worked and knew how to work a VCR by the age of 3.  I always built things and took them apart to see how they worked and thought how I could make them better.  I have had an interest in technology and design ever since I could remember.  I was always the problem solver in projects and groups.  I love thinking of new ideas and looking at the world around me trying to find ways to change it for the better.  I have a applied associates in drafting and design from utah valley university and I am passionate about green technology and alternative energy.  I am proficient in the Autodesk Suite, Microstation and SolidWorks When I do get free time away from school and work I like to go camping in the beautiful Utah Mountains, boating in any of our lakes and Reservoirs (yes even the Great Salt Lake), snowboarding at the Canyons Ski Resort or Park City (Too Bad they wont let me Snowboard at Deer Valley yet) and designing anything from my dream house to a copy of my projector (okay I am a bit of a design nut!).



Lolovee Rogers Duce | SVP and Big Dog | Has no Email | Does not like phones

Lalovee Duce

Lolavee is in every way a Big Dog with no idea how big he is. His duties at Sol-Ice revolve around his innate ability to love unconditionally, hug a 6′ human standing up, protect his best friends “The Kitties” Thunder, Bear Morley and Stink. Play with everyone no matter how small or yappy (He lives “Play Harder” better than any one at Sol-Ice though we are still working on the “Work Smarter” part of that Core Value). He “Gives 77.7%” to his most important duty SLEEP (hey you would sleep a lot too if you where that big)! His favorite activity is training for a marathon with his Daddy (Dennis). I don’t think they will let him run in the marathon but he sure loves to pull hard on the training runs.
Because of his character and personality he is called “Puppy” far more often then Lalovee which brings stares and giggles when we are at the dog park or his favorite store Petco (Though he is not sure what those little things Daddy calls treats are that they give out at the check out. They are way too small to really be treats).
PVT or Photovoltaic/Thermal products have historically not worked well but Sol-Ice has a cost effective solution to produce solar thermal from behind any Photovoltaic panel. Watch this 40 second video to learn more.

This is a great video about how to get rid of ice dams FOREVER. At Sol-Ice No More Ice Dams! is not just a slogan it is a way of life.

See how CoSolarGeneration works in this video

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