Sundance Film Festival Best Ice Dams 2011

This is first example of an ice dam from my trip through Pinebrook today.

We spent some time in Pinebrook today and saw a few great examples of BIG ice dams. I took a few pictures to represent here. One of the most important thing to remember her is that none of these are to big or ugly that Sol-Ice and our SubDynomelt and SubHydroMelt could not fix them. The truth is there is no ice dam we can’t prevent. Call us and give us a chance to overcome your ice dam. Just remember that if you have an ice dam like this we can do roof top snow removal in the Park City area call us any time.

Example number two

This is a nice one Option number Three

Example number 4

Back side of example number 5

Front side of Option number 5

Sundance Best Ice Dams 2011 Contest continues at Sunrise at Escala

So the Sol-Ice team finished up clearing the leaking ice dams at the Escala Hyatt today and had a chance to take pictures of the problems at the Sunrise @ Escala. We are 6 days into the Sundance Film Festival and the ice dams keep getting bigger (unless Sol-Ice is clearing them or SubDynoMelt/SubHydroMelt is keeping them from ever forming.)

Close up of the Ice pushing the Soffit out. This water should never be coming under the roof and with a SubDynoMelt system installed this would not be happening.

This is the Escala Hyatt after the Sol-Ice team removed the ice dams.

Another problem on Sunrise at Escala.

That is one big Icicle!

Sunrise at Escala ice dam build up. Notice how the Soffit is being torn out because of the ice developing under the roof.

Another great ice dam from the Sundance Film Festival 2011

We got a call today from the Lead Engineer at Escala/Hyat by the Canyons Resort with a need for an emergency ice damn removal. They had a major leak in one of the rooms and the needed a solution FAST. WE go right over and took a bunch of pictures of the damage and set right into removing the ice dam from the area. We will be providing them with another bid for a SubDynoMelt or SubHydroMelt system to alleviate this problem and make sure it does not come back next year.

This is one of the tow areas that are leaking on the Escala Lodge Hyatt in the Canyons Resort

Close up of the ice formation

This is the ice dam Adrian removes on the video later in this post.

This one has not started to leak yet but it is coming through the soffit...that is never a good sign.

This is another view of the same problem happening in a different place.

Pulled out view of the ice causing problems on 3 levels.

I don't think water is supposed to run behind the fascia like this.

Wait is that water coming out of the intake vent? NOT GOOD!

Yes that is ice on the window that is from the water running down the inside of the wall. You should see the waterfall inside this window.

Yes that is my VP Sales and Marketing and those icicles are well over 12 feet long.

They look pretty but they do a lot of damage.

Thanks Bryce for calling us to fix this problem

Some Skiers love "FRESH TRACKS" me I prefer fresh track on a new roof. Yeah Baby!

Roof to roof view sure changes things. That is ugly!

Get a load of how big that Ice Damn is!

Piper came over and helped as soon as he was done with his meetings. Yes we worked so late it was already dark out when we left

And that is what 1500+ lbs of ice dam looks like once Sol-Ice is done!

More of the Best Ice Dams on 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Today’s Example of Ice Dams from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival come from The Grand Lodge @ Empire Pass in Park City Utah. The beauty of this example is the building has one of our Competitors products on it but since it melts less than 12″ the ice dam built up above the Roof Icicle Melt.

Ice Dam forms even though this building has a Roof Icicle Melt system installed.

Close up of the Ice Dam Problems on The Grand Lodge at Empire Pass

That is over 18" of Ice built up above our competitors product

Proof that a snow melt system has to go one foot past the warm wall.

Best Ice Dams 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Though this job has been shoveled off and the ice dams where gone before Sundance Started they are a GREAT example of a bad ice dam and are worth adding to the pictures on the contest. I am not sure if they will be eligible to win but they are at least worth looking at. I have not been out all day to take pictures of Ice Dams because I have been working on art so I am forced to use pictures from previous days. These Ice dams are from the Talisker Club Sales office in Empire Pass. It is great to see how bad the problems on The Montage could have been had we not installed the SubDynoMelt system.

I don' think this is suposed to be happening.

Notice how this ice dam pushed out the side and through the roof into the wall!

Sundance Film Festival Best Ice Dam 2011

Here is another entry we took up at the Arrowleaf condos in Empire Pass. We also had our first sighting of the Sundance film festival…we saw Lindsay Lohan. walking around I guess she must be in town for the week! This Ice dam is a great example of water getting through the roofing material. You can see the icicles coming through behind the fascia, a true sign that the ice has cause the roof to fail.

This is a great example of the damage an ice dam can do, notice the icicles behind the fascia that is not suposed to happen.

Close up of the same ice dam

Sol-Ice Featured in an Article in The Park Record.

Chris Piper and I meet with Andrew from the Park Record a few weeks ago up at the Montage Deer Valley for an interview about the SubDynoMelt system on the Montage. It came out in yesterdays paper in and article called Ugly Cables and Roofing Aren’t Necessary

Just incase the article gets placed in the electronic archives I have copied it here for future refernce.

Ugly cables and roofing aren’t necessary

Sol-Ice Engineering prevents ice dams for a fraction of the monthly cost


Posted: 01/04/2011 04:42:51 PM MST

Sol-Ice Engineering Systems, Inc. vice presidents Dennis Duce and Chris Piper show off Sol-Ice…

Dennis Duce has been roofing in the Park City area for over 15 years. In that time he’s seen a lot of ice dams and says he’s come to really understand their “anatomy.” Having a perfect understanding of what causes them, he invented a new method of prevention.

The SubDynoMelt and its sister product SubHydroMelt go underneath roof shingles instead of on top of them. This allows for more effective and energy-efficient melting along the eaves without damaging esthetics, he explained.

Unable to develop the product on his own, Duce partnered with his employer, Nielco Roofing. He is the vice president of sales and marketing for the new company, Sol-Ice Engineered Systems. Nielco is an installer of the products, as are a few other local companies, Duce explained.

SubDynoMelt uses 38 percent less electricity than its competitors on the surface of the room. Even better, he said, that amount of energy also prevents ice on five times the surface area.

Another way to explain it, he said, is that his product heats one foot of roof for 35 watts. Heat cables use 48 watts to heat nine inches.

The SubHydroMelt if connected to a home’s boiler is 90 percent more efficient than its sister product. It is uses one-tenth the electricity of its competitors, he said.

Thermal imaging also reveals both products dispense a more even layer of heat on a roof than competitors, he added.

Duce met the vice president of business development, Chris Piper, while working with him on a project.


Piper was helping build the Montage Deer Valley and realized the plans for the roof would not prevent icicles or ice dams. He hired Nielco Roofing for help and was introduced to Duce. Even though the Sol-Ice products had only been used on one other Summit County structure at the time, Duce convinced the builders his product was the right way to go.

Piper and Duce said the product was the same or cheaper to install, cost less to operate and went under, not on, the roof.

“People weren’t happy with the status quo, but being invisible makes it a real seller,” Duce said.

The builders of the hotel were not interested in being a guinea pig, Piper said. Their acceptance of the Sol-Ice products speaks highly for its competitive edge. The products’ superior qualities are also what convinced him to join the company.

“I’ve seen a lot of properties with problems and I’ve done a lot of ‘bandages,’” Piper said. “Some products only go after icicles. I saw that while managing properties in the Sierras. We could take care of the icicles, but then in spring owners complained about it being wet behind the walls.”

The product is working wonderfully at Montage, and Sol-Ice products have been installed in several more structures since, Duce explained.

More products are under development, he added. Although SubDynoMelt generates heat, the SubHydroMelt disperses it. Temperature dispersal technology can give many benefits to a home, he said. One of the most exciting innovations is solar thermal siding. It was used in one of the 2010 Showcase of Homes exhibits.

Sol-Ice Engineered Solutions

136 Heber Ave. Ste 204


Local Architect Hirers Sol-Ice AI (Authorized Installer) to install both SubHydroMelt and SubSolarThermal

We have been asked by Richard Brighton owner and lead Architect at Brighton Architectural Group to resolve his massive ice dam problems. Ric has a corrugated Corten (R) roof that has four faces of the roof converging into one small area on the north side of his home. It has resulted in Ice build up that he could not get handled with zig-zaged heat cable. He has contracted with Nielco Roofing and Sheet Metal (Park City AI for Sol-Ice) to install the SubHydroMelt system to resolve the problem. Ric is a forward thinking Architect that wants to be able to help his clients embrace cutting edge technologies. He has decided that while he is doing all of this roof work he will also install on one large south face of his roof our SubSolarThermal system to help heat his house in the winter and help cool it in the summer.

This is an example of the type of roof Richard Brighton has on his house.

“I really belive in the products you have created and want to help my clients realize the benifits of these products. I can’t really do that with out using them myself” Ric said when we started looking at his project. That is the reason he has decided to have them installed so that he can test them out on his house and see how well they work.

Sol-Ice is proud to have this opportunity to show one of Park City’s well established architects how wonderful our products are right in his own back yard. Ric this is going to be one great ICE DAMN FREE year for you!