Control snow slides in Tahoe City, Squaw Valley with DiamondSnowStops.

Just stoped for lunch and saw this funny sign about Roof Snow Slides


Belive me I know how serious and even deadly snow sliding of roofs in Tahoe City, Squaw Valley or any othe Alpine Ski Area can be.


The main problem with this sign is that the building has no snow retention at all so when ghe snow breaks free it will do so with deadly force.


There arr a ton of solitions out there from fences to brackets. You can see how strong thrsr fenves are and yet they have still been bent over on one side.


In the last 20 years roofing in snow country I have seen what works and what doesn’t.  Fences are more likely to be damaged because there is a much larger load per fastener then individual snow stops.


We make out DiamondSnowStops out of the same sheet metal as your roof. Color, guage everything. This makes them blend in during the summer.

Contact us to learn how you can control snow and ice from sliding off yout roof by calling 435-565-1423 and asking for the Customer Service Specialist in your area or email us at


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Retrofit ice dam solution for standing seam metal roofs

We live and breath our slogan “No More Ice Dams”

This passion to eliminate not just a part of the ice dam but the entire ice dam and do it in an atractive and cost effective way lead to the creation of ProRetoMelt.

Our patent pending HeatSyncPan and thermal transfer technology makes it posible to install a solution to ice daming in Valleys of standing seam roofs with out having to tear off the roof.

This job was installed by Salt Lake Roofing company in Summit Park a neighborhood in Summit County just out side of the Park City limits.

Summit Park is well known for having more snowfall than any other part of Park City and the largest ice dam formations in Summit County.

With our extensive experience solving ice dam problems on metal roofs all over Utah, Wyoming, Wasington, Idaho we realized that creating an Eave clear of ice and snow is not enough. We developed our own line of snow retention.

The alpine snow guards we make ckome in two configurations. Our original snow gaurd  DiamondSnowStops are shown on this roof.

Our newest snow retention device ClamponSnowStops are designed to be used on standing seam roofs with out any penitrations. Designed to work in conjunction with S-5 clips the entire snow gurad is held on with out screws (which cause leaks) or adhesives which fail after exposure to the elements.

All of our Alpine Snow Guards are made using the same color cover as the roof the are designed to go on. In other words if you are installing a Classic MetL Roof, Kassel and Irons, Englert, Drexal, MBCI, Fabrel, ASC or any other brand of roofing simply tell ud the color and the brand and we will make you snow stops to match.

There is an alternativ to unsightly, inefficient Heat Cable on existing roofs, Sol-Ice ProRetroMelt!

Many of our clients are able to finally understand why they have leaks due to ice dams year after year by reading our custom snow management report. If you would like a report send us an email with your address and a few pictures of your building to, or call 435-565-1423 and ask to speak to the Director of Dealer Drvelopment in your area.

We look forward to giving you a more peaceful ice dam free life!

Snow Guards For Metal Shingles, Alpine Roofing Blog

Snow Guards Control Snow & Ice on Roofs

Sol-Ice Engineered Systems, Inc is determined to make every thing for Snow and Ice Dam control. Our DiamondSnowStops ™ are the finest snow guards for alpine regions and ski resorts. Our snow retention devices have been designed to blend in with the roof. Since are products are made from the same material as your roof they match better than any other snow stop available. With the ability to hold as much as 4 times the load of other snow guards our DiamondSnowStops are both strong and attractive.

Utah Tile and Roofing started the installation of our DiamondSnowStops with a Kassell and Irons Kassel Shake Metal Shake. This Project in Deer Crest is built right on the ski runs of Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City, UT. The creative and innovative architecture was done by Mike at Upwall Design and is being built by Evergreen Builders.

Our snow guards are designed to work together with our SubDynoMelt(tm) (Concealed eve melt system) and our SubHydroMelt ™ (Hydronic ice dam solution). This project has SunDynoMelt ™ installed under the eve panels, the beauty of these products is that ANY type of roofing can go over the top of the product, Asphalt Shingles, Standing Seam Metal, tile, slate, metal shakes or metal tile. No more ugly heat cable and NO MORE ICE DAMS!

They are made from the same sheet metal your roof is made from. Copper, Zinc (VM Zinc, Rheinzink), Kynar Coated steel from companies like Dexal, Sheffield, Firestone, MBCI, Kassel and Irons, Kynar Coated Aluminum from companies like Classic Metal Products and Aluminlock.


DiamondSnowStops (tm) on Kassel and Irons Kassel Shake

DiamondSnowStops (tm) on Kassel and Irons Kassel Shake

DiamondSnowStops (tm) Kassel and Irons Kassel Shake

Close up on DiamondSnowStops (tm) Kassel and Irons Kassel Shake

DiamondSnowStops (tm) and SubDynoMelt (tm) together with Kassel Shake

DiamondSnowStops (tm) and SubDynoMelt together with Kassel Shake

SubDynoMelt (tm) and DiamondSnowStops (tm) on kassel Shake metal shingles

SubDynoMelt (tm) and DiamondSnowStops (tm) on Kassel Shake metal shingles

DiamondSnowStops (tm)

Diamond Snow Stops Installed With Kassell and Irons KassellShake





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